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Monday, December 17, 2007

Milan Celebrate like Crazy

European side AC Milan celebrated like crazy after winning the Club's World Cup 2007, and the fans already have the merchandise that they can buy to show off their team's victory:

Aside from all the other news articles and celebrations on the website, there is an article stating:

23 maggio Atene, 31 agosto Montecarlo, 16 dicembre Yokohama: queste le coordinate spazio-temporali di un grande 2007 per il Milan. Tre trofei indimenticabili per il club di via Turati, Ancelotti e la squadra.

Three unforgettable trophies won by Milan in 2007. So, it appears the trophy is indeed important considering the club will never forget it and how their official website is littered with celebrations of the clubs latest title.

The jersey can be seen for sale here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Deco: 'We want to win it just as much as the Champions'

Once again breaking the myth. Deco is a famous midfielder that plays for Barcelona. In 2006, Barcelona won the Champions League, thus giving them the right to play in the 2006 Club World's Cup.

In an interview before the finals against Internacional of Brasil, Deco was asked what it would mean to Barcelona to win the FIFA Club World Cup.
In Europe it's seen as a fairly important competition if you win. But if you lose, then it's really important. (Smiles) The fact is, we want to win it just as much as the Champions League. It's important to the club because we've never won it, and if we win tomorrow we'll go down in the club's history.


Otra vez rompiendo el mito. Deco es un famoso volante que juega para el Barcelona. En 2006, Barcelona gano la Champions League, dandole la oportunidad para jugar en el Mundial de Clubes.

En un entrevista antes de la final ante el Internacional de Brasil, Deco fue preguntando lo que significa para Barcelona ganar este Mundial de Clubes.
En Europa le dan una importancia relativa a este torneo cuando se gana, pero cuando se pierde, pasa a ser importantísimo! (sonríe). La verdad es que nosotros deseamos ganarlo tanto como una Champions League, porque es importante para la institución que no lo tiene, y si lo hacemos, entraremos en la historia del club.


Bosque: 'Losing to Boca was the worst day'

On March 12, 2007, ex-Real Madrid coach Vicente del Bosque participated in an online interview during which fans asked him various questions. Vcente del Bosque was one of the most successful coaches in modern history for Real Madrid. He won 2 Champions League titles (2000, 2002), 2 La Liga titles (2001, 2003), Spanish Supercup (2001), a European SuperCup (2002), and the Intercontinental Cup (2002).

Somebody by the name of Adrian asked him, 'What was your worst moment as coach of Real Madrid?"

His answer?
Uff, the worst day was when we lost the Intercontinental against Boca Juniors. There was a dinner ready for the players and fans, but instead it was just the players there.

El 12 de Marzo del 2007, el ex-tecnico del Real Madrid, Vicente del Bosque participo en un intervista por internet donde respondio los cuestiones de varios hinchas. Con el Real, Vicente del Bosque gano todo, 2 Champions League (2000, 2002), 2 La Liga's (2001, 2003), La Supecopa de Espana (2001), la Supercopa de Europa (2002), ya la Copa Intercontinental (2002).

Una hincha llamada Adrian le pregunto, ¿Cuál fue tu peor día como entrenador del Real Madrid?

¿Su respuesta?
Buff el peor día el que perdimos la Intercontinental contra Boca Juniors, estaba preparada una cena para toda la expedición y nos quedamos solos los jugadores.
Fuente (en Espanol)

AC Milan prepares for Clubs World Cup 2007

Once again proving the myth wrong, Milan players and management are giving incredible importance to the 2007 Clubs World Cup, as shown by these following quotes.

Otra vez demostrando que el mito es falso, los jugadores y directivos del Milan estan dando mucha importancia a este Mundial de Clubes 2007, como podes ver en estos citas.
Adriano Galliani, Milan's delegated administer, had this to say about the Club's World Cup on June 4th, 2007:
The number one objective of the 2007-2008 campaign is to become the champions of the Club's World Cup.
Source (en Espanol)

Kaka, Milan striker and winner of the 2007 Balon D'Or on December 3rd:
I must admit I have a burning desire to win the Club World Cup, especially with it being my second crack at this title. I first played in it in 2003 - the format was different then - and I haven't forgotten our defeat that year to Boca Juniors. This time, my team-mates and I will be hugely motivated to see that things work out right for us. I'm sure we are up to the challenge.

Carlos Ancelotti, coach of AC Milan on November 22nd:
Our success is based on working together. For us and for the community, this trophy represents the main objective of our season.

Carlos Ancelotti, coach of AC Milan on November 23rd:

I want the rematch against Boca. The memory of the 2003 final still remains.
Fuente (en Espanol)

Gennaro Gatusso, midfielder of AC Milan on December 15th:
Playing in a final is one thing, but we've promised ourselves that we're not going home without the trophy. The memories of our last match against them are still very much there for most of us, so we want to rewrite the history books and set the record straight.

Clarence Seedorf, midfielder of AC Milan on December 14th:
This is a big match and we're going to prepare for it in the right way. We always respect all of our opponents, but when it comes to Boca, some things are still fresh in the memory so we know exactly what we've got to do...

Claudio Casagrande, columnist of the Diario Tuttosport of Italy:
Milan quiere vengarse del 2003, aunque se dijo que no. Ya se tomó revancha con Liverpool en la Champions y si lo hace con Boca sería completo. Prepararon este partido con mucho tiempo, es el objetivo principal del año. Lo de los títulos es importante también, Milan le da importancia. Porque quiere vencer a Boca para ser el más ganador del mundo. Y aunque el equipo italiano es superior, Boca es Boca. Y si Russo es inteligente, debería salir a esperar. Esos planteos siempre complican al Milan.
Fuente (en Espanol)

European Team Celebrating the Title

Judging by these celebrations, it looks like the Europeans do care.

Viendo estos celebraciones, me parece que los Europeos le dan importancia.

Real Madrid Celebrating in Intercontinental 1998

View Minute 0:25

AC Milan Celebrating in Intercontinental 1989

View Minute 4:47

Atletico Madrid Celebrating in Intercontinental 1974

View Minute 0:43

Feyernoord Celebrating in Intercontinental 1970

View Minute 1:14 to 1:36

AC Milan Celebrating in Intercontinental 1969

View Minute 0:50 to the end

Inter Milan Celebrating in Intercontinental 1965

View Minute 0:36 to the end